About EKTechnologies

EKTechnologies offers high-precision special measurement technology for research, development and industry, e.g., for tests in electrochemistry, on fuel cells, battery test systems - also other areas of physical chemistry can be opened up.  In addition to corrosion research, the instruments are also used for impedance and material analysis as well as for high temperature measurements. Of course, we also have a wide range of accessories such as electrodes, measuring cells, etc. in our programme.

The roots of EKTechnologies ...

The roots of EKTechnologies go back to the foundation of Belltec GmbH (Wesel) in 1993 by Karl-Günther Glocke. Originally, the core business was defined as the sale and service of “general measurement technology”, but the company soon began to specialise in the following areas:

  • Elektrochemistry
  • Material analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Measurement data acquisition

Foundation of the sister company EKTechnologies

With the additional foundation of the sister company EKTechnologies in 2004, the final specialisation in tests for electrochemistry, fuel cells and battery systems up to areas of physical chemistry took place. With these focal points and a selected equipment portfolio for impedance measurement and material analysis as well as high temperature measurements, EKTechnologies became the optimal partner for customers from research & development.

Merger of the two companies

In 2021, the two companies merged to form EKTechnologies and at the same time became members of the LXinstruments family, which also deals with the topic of “testing”.

In this way, the company was able to bridge the gap between classic electronic function testing and electrical safety testing, right through to measuring systems for renewable energies.

Headquarters relocated to Nufringen

In February 2022, the headquarters of EKTechnologies were relocated to Nufringen, south of Stuttgart. This made it possible to streamline processes by standardising them across all subsidiaries.