Our measuring instruments and their focus

Powerful, precise instruments are important for complex solutions. That is why we focus on instruments from experienced partners, which we distribute exclusively. Our portfolio ranges from ultra-small potentiostats by Palmsens for analyses on electrochemical sensors to full featured fuel cell test benches von Scribner Associates.

EKT - Potentiostats


EKT- Impedanz






Our highlights

Probably the smallest potentiostat in the world

No room in the lab? No problem! The Sensit Smart takes up little space, has low current, voltage, and frequency requirements (<3mA, 1.7 - 2V, <200kHz) and still offers highest measurement accuracy.

Measure impedance in parallel in large numbers

If single cells in whole fuel cell or electrolyte stacks are to be analysed in parallel/simultaneously. We offer the whole range from ready-made multi-channel devices to individually configurable systems.

Battery cyclisers from small to large!

Thanks to the serial cascading of Neware’s cyclisers, large measurement fields can be set up without any problems. The portfolio comprises performance ranges from very small to large cells - and all this at an excellent price-performance ratio.

With over 30 years of experience in special measurement technology for research, development and industry, we are your partner for complex solutions. The optimal test system for your task - that is the challenge we are happy to take on. Our specialists will be happy to advise you personally.


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