Photovoltaic Project in Tansania

Light by sunlight

23 happy faces with new solar lights

A new project is launched these days - together with the association time2help, which supports families & children in Arusha (Tanzania).

Topic: Solar lamps for families as a source of light when the sun no more shines.

Currently, in the evenings in Tanzania, people work, study, read or... with kerosene lamps or candlelight. This is not only expensive, but also extremely bad for the health of the whole family as well as for nature.

The families can choose between a portable and a fixed lamp set. The lamps are pre-financed by us and will be paid back in about 12 months with the same financial burden as before. From then on, the families and the environment will be 3 times better off:

1. financially, because kerosene is saved

2. healthwise, because living in a house with kerosene lamps is equivalent to smoking 40 cigarettes per day

3. environmentally friendly because kerosene lamps emit an extremely high amount of soot


We are delighted that we were able to provide 23 families with solar lamps with our start-up funding and look at happy faces.

Much more details are described by time2help. There you will also find other exciting projects. time2help and we are looking forward to more supporters.


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