Electrochemistry accessories

Most electrochemical experiments and investigations are inconceivable without accessories. These supplementary parts are there to facilitate the processes or make them possible at all.

A well-thought-out selection of e.g. electrodes, cells, adapters or cables is at least as important as the selection of a suitable potentiostat or cycliser. Depending on the type of electrolyte, test conditions or potentiostats, products with different specifications are required.

If you have specific questions about our accessory products or are unable to make a decision, please contact us. We will be happy to help you find a suitable product. Our suppliers are very customer-oriented and can usually come up with a solution that is specifically tailored to your requirements. Get in touch with us!


Electrodes are conductive materials that transmit electrical current in a medium. They can be solid (e.g. made of a metal or carbon) or liquid (e.g. made of mercury). If an electrode is brought into contact with an electrolyte, an electrochemical reaction takes place at the electrode/electrolyte phase boundary.

An electrochemical experiment usually requires at least three electrodes: working electrode, counter electrode and reference electrode. The reaction of interest takes place at the working electrode. To determine the potential of the working electrode, an additional electrode (reference electrode) is introduced into the measuring arrangement as a potential reference point. This has a constant and easily reproducible equilibrium potential over time. The counter electrode finally has the task of closing the circuit.

Diverse electrodes

Various disk electrodes, microelectrodes, rotating disk electrodes (RDE/RRDE), wire electrodes, screen printed electrodes (SPE), pH electrodes, ion-selective electrodes or reference electrodes and more can be found on the websites of our partner companies. If you cannot find the material or electrode type you are looking for in the catalog, many manufacturers offer the option of producing customized electrodes. Just ask us.

We will be happy to help you!

Electrochemical cells

Diverse cells

Depending on the application there are also several special electrochemical cells. H-cells, corrosion cells, low volume cells (e.g. if you are experimenting with ionic liquids), spectroelectrochemical cells and others are available. Would you like a cell made of PTFE or PEEK instead of glass? Or do you want the cell to be temperature-controlled? No problem, our manufacturers are open to new requests and will be happy to offer you a special solution.

You can find many electrochemical cells on the homepages of our partner companies:


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Cables, spare parts and other accessories

All electrodes or sensors must be connected to the measuring instruments. Unfortunately, there are often different connections depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer electrodes with a rod-shaped connection, while others have a special screw-type connection. This means that different cables or adapters are required. However, we are sure to find a suitable cable for your measuring devices.

And if a part of your measuring device is no longer intact, broken or has other defects, it is possible to order spare parts separately.

Ask us, we will be happy to help you find a suitable product.